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Tim Duncan afforded a private divorce proceeding

Rhode Island couples understand that when a couple decides to dissolve their marriage, some will seek the advice of friends, family members and professionals while other prefer to keep the matter private. A couple that is in the public eye may wish to keep their divorce and any related disputes out of the media because it could prolong the process by creating more issues. Some high asset divorces can reach a more amicable agreement if and when the process is kept out of the media and the public eye because the matter is already very complex.

In recent celebrity news, Tim Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs player, was able to not only avoid the media and paparazzi but was able to keep his divorce private. This was done by having an out-of-court hearing behind closed doors at his attorney's office.

At this time, the specifics of the divorce was not reported, but it was revealed that the couple did have a prenuptial agreement made when they were married in 2001. Furthermore, most likely the divorce agreement is under seal, so it may not be revealed who got what property and assets in the settlement. Lastly, the couple has two children, and the issues surrounding custody and support may have been determined in this private proceeding.

Although it is not often that a judge will agree to the special request to make a "home" visit, a high-profile couple may be afforded this special treatment in order to ensure a fair and time-efficient divorce. These types of divorces usually entail complex asset division, and when the media and tabloids begin posting about their assets and property, this might hinder an agreement. Whether or not this option is available to ordinary couples in Rhode Island, some ways to avoid media or public scrutiny may be available through mediation or an uncontested divorce.

Whether high asset or just an average divorce, the dissolution of marriage includes various steps and decisions that may be hard for an average person to understand completely. Moreover, property division is often complicated and could result in several disputes between the divorcing couple. Those struggling to get through this process could seek out advice about their options or about how to explore other low-key methods to resolve a divorce, such as mediation. Mediation can keep a divorce private and could also potentially speed up the process and provide the platform for an amicable agreement.

Source: The Inquisitr, "Tim Duncan divorce secretly finalized," Aug. 21, 2013

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