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Understanding finances during dissolution

Money often controls the decisions made by a married couple. When couples in Rhode Island must face the cessation of their relationship, finances often determine their next steps. The divorce process is understood as a complex and expensive life event. When couples focus on the money, this often leads to additional disputes and could prolong the process. This is especially true if the divorcing couple is unable to work together during the property division phase.

Even if people find it difficult to organize their schedule, room or finances, when it comes to filing for divorce and going through the process, divorcing spouses need to master the organization process. This step is crucial and could help save them time and money in the long run. This step will also put them in a better financial position. Understanding their financial situation will help them better plan for their post-divorce future. This might also be the evidence need to prove a spouse requires spousal support after the divorce.

High-profile couple fights over art and prolongs divorce

Marital problems are never something a couple wants to announce publicly. Rhode Island couples appreciate privacy when it comes to personal problems, especially if it involves the couple filing for divorce. Although a certain level of privacy is expected, high-profile couples do not always enjoy this. A high asset divorce does not only attract media attention, but can also involve complex asset division issues.

The details of the divorce filings of the high-profile couple Heather and Tony Podesta were recently released. The report indicated that the wealthy Washington D.C couple fought over their extensive art collection during their dissolution.

Considering student loans during the divorce process

When couples in Rhode Island decide to make major decisions, they often look at their finances. This is not only true for planning nuptials but also when a married couple decides to call it quits. A divorce could cause many issues to surface. This is especially true if the couple has assets and liabilities that complicate the dissolution process. Property division is an important and challenging step in a divorce and it could lead to disputes and further obstacles if the divorcing couple is not able to come to terms with each other.

When young couples get married, they must not only consider what property and assets they are bringing into a marriage but also the liabilities. For example, it is very common for both spouses to have student loan debt. Having tens of thousands of dollars in student loans could create a debt that could easily outlast their marriage. This could create much complication when the couple decides to divorce.

Establishing a child custody arrangement for autistic children

Parents in Rhode Island understand the difficulties involved with raising a child with disabilities. The child's care is a constant priority and could be strained and complicated when the parents divorced. Ensuring proper care of their child often determines a child custody arrangement, but when a child requires additional needs, this could lead to disputes concerning the care and custody of the child. The best interest of the child is the test that helps determine child custody, but additional factors might need to be considered when a special needs child is involved.

April in Autism Awareness Month, and with that, professionals seek to advise divorcing and divorced parents with autistic children. Specifically, it is important for parents to work together and develop a co-parenting relationship when it comes to the care and needs of their special needs child. Furthermore, a recent report indicates that divorce is much more common for parents with autistic children, so it is crucial that parents understand how to deal with important issues concerning the wellbeing of their child.

Sorting through finances when devising child support

The end of a marriage often means many disputes. Rhode Island couples going through a divorce deal with many complexities and issues and much of them revolve around finances. If the couple has children, the issue of child support will often be disputed. Coming up with a proper plan that addresses the need of the children should not only consider the income and custody for each parent but also considers the best interest of the child.

When it comes to divorce, finances can definitely control many components of the process. Often times, the divorcing parents think about the price tag attached to the divorce. This can create additional pitfalls as well as cause the need for more support. A parent does not only need to think about how the divorce will currently affect them but also how it will change their ability to properly support their children.

Wife of Trace Adkins files for divorce, seeks custody and support

Privacy is a common concern when married couples in Rhode Island go through marital problems. This is especially true if the couple is discussing divorce. The ability to keep matters private could be a challenge for celebrity couples. The media will often dig into their personal affairs and report on all the marital issues they can uncover. This not only creates additional difficulties in their high asset divorce, but could also make the matter more emotional.

It was recently reported that the wife of Trace Adkins recently filed for divorce. After 16 years of marriage, the county singer's wife decided to call is quits and cited irreconcilable differences. The divorce settlement presents issues concerning custody of their three children, child support, alimony and the legal fees incurred by his soon-to-be ex spouse.

Non-custodial Providence mother takes toddler from daycare

Parenting includes many joyous moments and milestones. It is common for both parents to desire to be apart of these events, but due to child custody arrangements, a parent might not be able to part of their child's life as often as they want. Divorce can often include serious child custody issues, which causes one parent to gain primary custody. The custodial parent often controls or decides when a non-custodial can have visitation. If they do not comply, this could lead to serious consequences for them.

It was recently reported that a mother came to daycare facility in Providence and took her three-year-old son from the facility. The Rhode Island woman is not the custodial parent to the child, can she came and took the toddler from the local center. She was gone for roughly 30 minutes before returning her son back to the daycare facility unharmed.

The affects of cohabitation on alimony payments

When a marriage is dissolved, spouses might seek specific items and even payments once the divorce is finalized. Alimony is often sought by an ex-spouse that seeks monthly payments to help support them post-divorce. Depending on the length of the marriage and their current situation, spousal support could last for a few years or could even last a lifetime. Those who receive alimony should also be aware that substantial changes in circumstances could mean lower payments or the end of their alimony payments altogether.

When an ex-spouse is awarded alimony in the divorce proceedings, the person does not often think about what actions or situations that could jeopardize those payments. Most are aware that death of either party or the recipient ex-spouse getting remarried will stop alimony payments, but many question whether cohabitation will affect spousal support.

Social media sites could cause child custody issues

Following a divorce, parents in Rhode Island might have to swallow their pride and take on many changes. Child custody can be the source of many disputes during the dissolution process as well as post-divorce. Parents might not entirely agree on a child custody arrangement, so they decide to take actions that could ultimately hinder or adversely affect their desired changes or modifications. This why it is crucial that parents are aware of their actions and what they seek to gain when challenging a child custody arrangement.

In this era, it is very common for one or both parents to have one or many social media page. Whether it is Facebook posts, tweets or Instagram pictures, divorced parents do not often think about potential consequences they might face when they hit send or post. A simple post or picture could lead to custody disputes.

Protecting a business during a divorce

When major life events occur, it is important that individuals protect their property and assets. One such event is a divorce. When married couples in Rhode Island decide it is time to call it quits, spouses need to assess their belongings and separate their personal property from their marital property. For business owners, it is crucial that they keep their business property and affairs all in check during dissolution.

The marital property division process is commonly one of the most difficult and time-consuming steps involved in a divorce. Reaching a settlement could take even longer if a privately held business is involved. This property could represent a major part of the marital assets up for division.

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