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Noticing a child's response to a child custody arrangement

Many parents in Rhode Island are able to identify the various behaviors exhibited by their children. Although dissolution brings with it many challenges, parents should not forget to address the needs of their children. When dealing with a child custody arrangement, it is important to acknowledge how the process and agreement could affect them. By taking the time to note any red flags in a child's behavior, the best interest of the child could be achieved.

Although it is easy to identify the negative responses to divorce, some fail to take note of the healthy or positive reactions and behaviors in the process. If parents are able to notice these responses, they will be able to determine whether or not they are on the right path during dissolution and post-divorce.

Dealing with the family home during dissolution

Sorting through property and finances is a significant step in a divorce. Divorcing couples in Rhode Island understand that this step cannot be avoided and should be taken seriously. The property division process can be complex, causing the division of marital assets and property to take much time. Although it could be a lengthy step, divorcing couples need to gain a full financial picture so they can avoid disputes and reach a settlement.

Deciding what to do with a home and the contents within it is a major decision to make when it comes to property division. Divorcing spouses might not see eye-to-eye on how to divide marital property, assets and liabilities, but it is crucial they understand what is involved in the decisions they make regarding these issues.

Addressing financial issues and child support

Whether in Rhode Island or elsewhere, when a marriage ends, divorcing spouses often endure disputes and challenges related to finances. The divorce process alone can be costly, but creating a practical financial future post-divorce could be difficult when there are numerous financial arrangements present. When children are involved, devising a child support payment plan could be the cause of financial problems and disputes. Divorcing spouses in Rhode Island should understand how a divorce settlement and a child custody arrangement could affect child support payments.

The concerns of money are often present during the divorce process and will continue long after the divorce settlement is reached. These financial troubles and matters are especially concerning when children are involved. Depending on their age and custody arrangement, a parent could be required to make large monthly payments to the parent with primary custody.

Jewel and her husband of 6 years plan to divorce

Reaching the decision to divorce can be very difficult for spouses. In many cases, the couple seeks to keep the matter private to avoid further complicating an already complex situation. When it comes to a high-profile couple going through dissolution, however, it is usually difficult to keep their personal affairs out of the media Couples in Rhode Island going through a high asset divorce should understand how they can focus on their complex asset division and avoid any disruptions to their case.

Recently, the folk singer, Jewel, and her husband, announced that they are filing for divorce. Jewel decided to make the announcement herself so the public could learn about her dissolution directly from her. After dating for 10 years, the two married in 2008. During their 6-year marriage, the couple had one child in 2011.

RI Supreme Court holds Defendant has reasonable expectation of privacy as to text messages in his own phone, but not to messages in his girlfriend's phone sent by him

The Rhode Island Supreme Court has vacated an Order of the Superior Court, holding incriminating messages sent by Defendant to his girlfriend and retrieved by police from her phone will not be suppressed.


Michael Patino is charged with the murder of six-year-old Marco Nieves, the son of his girlfriend Trisha Oliver. Some of the state's most substantial evidence against Patino, are a series of text messages sent from Patino to his girlfriend the day before the child's death, in which he admits to punching the child three times in the back and once in the stomach.

Sweep results in 13 arrests for failure to pay child support

Many challenges present themselves during the marital dissolution process. Several decisions need to be made regarding the couple's post-divorce lives, but when children are involved in the divorce, serious choices need to be made regarding their best interests. In these matters, establishing a fair child support agreement must be a priority. Child support helps ensure that the custodial parent has adequate financial resources to properly care for the child. When a parent fails to abide by a child support agreement, they could face serious penalties. In addition, delinquent payments can affect the child's well-being.

In a recent warrant sweep, The Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs and Rhode Island State Police arrested 13 individuals for the failure to pay child support. Twelve of those arrested had an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court and delinquent child support payments. In total, those apprehended owe approximately $232,397 in child support. One of the individuals owed nearly $90,000.

Important decisions for retirement accounts in property division

Even before marriage, couples make future plans about their life together and their marital property. This plan could be significantly altered when a divorce occurs. For example, retirement accounts could be seriously affected by dissolution. Divorcing spouses might encounter disputes and challenges when it comes to dividing assets, so it is important they have a full financial picture of their situation so they can reach an agreement.

Gray divorces, or later in life divorces are a growing trend. In fact, these rates continue to rise and are expected to increase over the next decade. During a gray divorce, it could be challenging to keep retirement plans intact. Because there is often little time or room for financial enhancement, getting the best settlement possible is crucial. Failing to note all finances during property division and the importance of their equitable division could be very difficult to recover from.

A small tool that can be a big help with alimony issues

Financial issues are often present in a marriage. For some Rhode Island couples, these problems are also present during a divorce. In fact, they might be the focal point in reaching a divorce settlement. For example, in some divorces, seeking spousal support is crucial. A spouse might not be able to maintain the same lifestyle they were accustomed to during the marriage without receiving alimony. Despite indicating the necessity of these payments, their soon-to-be ex-spouse might not agree with the amount being asked for or could be entirely against alimony payments.

Getting through the trying times of dissolution can be complex and rather emotional. A recent report focused on a secret weapon in a divorce. Many people lean on an old friend or a family member divorce. Although gaining advice and support from family, friends and professionals is important, it does not outweigh the clear facts that a calculator can provide.

Including a social media clause in a prenup

Life can bring many difficulties and obstacles, and these issues could stem from a marriage. Couples in Rhode Island are aware that filing for divorce is a major decision in their life. With that choice comes many responsibilities. In some cases, dissolution could mean severe emotional and physical upset. These responses could lead to other actions, which could result in a spiteful dispute. A spouse's actions during a divorce could also lead to serious issues regarding the couple's marital property. Disputes usually evolve during the property division phase, and some couples will guard against such troubles by drafting a prenuptial agreement.

A recent report indicated a trend with prenups. The legal document has recently evolved to include clauses that address social media. Language within the document specifically seeks to protect the married couple and ex-spouses from having posts about them on digital public media sites. Specifically, couples can customize this section to limit or prevent pictures of them and posts about them on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Moving out causing child custody issues

When dealing with a negative event, some individuals make sudden and rash decisions. Rhode Island couples might be very reactive when dealing with marital problems. These sudden choices might prove to be harmful, especially when a child is involved. Every choice a parent makes during a dispute and during the divorce process will significantly affect the children. Moreover, it could put a parent in a tough predicament when trying to overcome a child custody dispute.

When a couple has reached the point of no return, it is common for one spouse to wave the white flag and leave their family home. A recent report indicated that in many cases, this is the most dangerous error that could be made, especially for a man. If a parent voluntarily moves out of the marital home, this could present additional issues such as custody disputes.

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