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Deferring the sale of the family home during Rhode Island divorce

Deciding who gets what during dissolution is often very difficult for Rhode Island divorcing spouses. Because of its value or history, certain items are more challenging to divvy up than others. In most cases, the family home will be the most challenging piece of property to deal with during property division. Many memories have been made in the home, and it can be difficult for some spouses to give it up. Moreover, if children are involved, this could delay some actions taken on the family home.

According to Sections 15-5-16.1.1 of the Rhode Island code, the delay of the sale of the home could occur if the custodial parent of the children seeks deferment. If that parent was awarded physical custody of the children, the parent is able to defer the sale of the home to minimize the adverse effect the divorce could have on the child.

Helping Rhode Island parents decide child custody

Many tough, difficult decisions must be made by Rhode Island spouses during a divorce. However, most are not as challenging as reaching an agreement regarding the divorcing couple's children. Even in cases where parents seek to work together to meet the needs and interests of the children, differences in opinion could lead to disputes. These dispute can, unfortunately, evolve into a custody battle. Our law firm understands that parents only want the best for his or her children, but the divorce process can present challenges. Because of this, divorcing parents should consider ways he or she can properly address this divorce issue.

Today, a co-parenting situation is often ideal. Co-parenting is a very workable situation, helping to promote collaboration between the divorced parents. Whether divorcing parents seek a co-parenting situation, joint custody, sole custody or just visitation rights, it is important that the rights of each parent are considered. Depending on the situation, these matters might be best addressed through collaboration, mediation or litigation. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and skilled at all these process and have helped past clients determine the best way to approach their divorce legal issues.

Could cohabitation affect spousal support?

The decision to get a divorce can be unexpected, and a post-divorce life can be filled with many surprises, too. Because Rhode Island residents are often unsure if he or she will be able to meet financial needs following divorce, they often request alimony.

When alimony is awarded, there are often terms attached to it that could result in spousal support being modified or even terminated. When alimony is adjusted or ended, it usually means that the recipient spouse is currently self-supporting and no longer needs financial assistance from his or her ex-spouse. But, could there be situation when spousal support is ended much sooner than expected?

The importance of preparing for divorce in Rhode Island

Like most major events in life, Rhode Islanders will take time to plan and prepare for potential future negative events. Although it is not a pleasant or exciting time to go through, spouses should take the time to understand the details of their divorce. Preparing for divorce is often complicated by the emotional components involved in the Rhode Island divorce process. However, this should not deter the focus from important aspects in dissolution, such as asset division.

Finances and assets are usually the focus during a divorce. But, finances and assets are not only a concern because the cost of the process. The division of marital property is not always clear, and spouses can expend excessive time and energy keeping a specific asset. Because of this, taking the time to plan and prepare for divorce is important for divorcing couples in Rhode Island and elsewhere.

Mediated Rhode Island child custody arrangements for Ben and Jen

Rhode Island divorce disputes can often harm the future relationship between the spouses post-divorce. When children are involved, these disputes could harm the family dynamics and even the children directly. Because the sensitivity of some issues in a divorce could seriously impact the children involved, it is important for divorcing parents in Rhode Island to assess how best to deal with disputes, especially those involved in a custody battle.

The news of the divorce of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner has set in across the nation. But, what some may have missed is that the couple recently announced they would be using the assistance of a mediator. The two have intentionally chosen to mediate their dissolution to peacefully resolve their issues and protect the well being of their children.

How can a forensic accountant help in a complex asset division?

Divorce, whether expected or unexpected, amicable or otherwise, is a difficult time for Rhode Island couples. However, no matter the reason for dissolution, Rhode Island spouses must face the basic element of property distribution. During a high-asset divorce, this process could be complicated, especially if spouses have a complex financial portfolio and are not fully aware of its contents. In these matters, help from a financial professional could address these issues.

How can a forensic accountant help during a complex asset division? Sometimes, asset division is complicated by disputes regarding who owns what and what would be a fair division. Asset valuation could help assess the total worth of all the marital property. Because some assets cannot simply be cut in half, it might be more suitable to determine which spouse gets to keep what asset or marital property. A financial accountant could help with a valuation, the wording of complicated settlements and even point out the financial implications that could result.

Child custody issues when relocating after Rhode Island divorce

Rhode Island residents who go through divorce often feel liberated once the difficult process is behind them. Once all the property has been divided and the paperwork completed, they are free to start a new, independent life. They may even consider moving to a new town or a new state. When children are involved however, there may still be serious impediments in the way of picking up and moving, even when a divorce has long been finalized.

Divorcing parents dealing with relocation issues should be prepared to expect and consider certain factors.For one, the divorce couple should expect the possibility that they might need to appear before family law court to seek a resolution. Sometimes, a judge is required.

Food Network star ordered to pay child support in divorce

No matter the length of a Rhode Island marriage, the union between the couple could produce a child or multiple children. The decision to call it quits is a difficult decision for the couple. But, it is also a challenging time for the children. Determinations of custody dictate what parent will have the child or children. A custody order could also impact a child support order. However, in joint-custody situations, child support could be based on a parent's income and ability to meet the financial needs of the child.

According to recent reports, the divorce of Food Network star, Giada de Laurentiis, and her now ex-husband, Todd Thompson, finalized their divorce. The television chef was married to Thompson, a designer for Anthropologie, for 11 years, and the two have a 7-year-old daughter.

What content is upheld in a premarital contract in Rhode Island?

There are many thoughts, decisions and actions during the marital process. However, many would suggest that the opposite requires more. Because of that, many Rhode Islanders intending to be wed take the time to establish a marital contract or a prenuptial agreement. Taking this step helps couples consider major issues in the event of a divorce. But, the terms of the agreement must be valid for it to be enforceable during dissolution.

What content is upheld in a premarital contract in Rhode Island? According to Section 15-17-3 of Rhode Island statutes, a couple may contract the rights and obligation for each party regarding any of the property belonging to either or both parties, no matter when property was acquired or where it is located. In addition, the premarital contract allows for the parties to contract the rights to sell, purchase, use, lease, transfer, abandon, consume, expend, assign, mortgage, create a security interest in, manage or control property.

Review of child support agreements in Rhode Island

Rhode Island parents realize, children change as they age, and as they age, the needs of their children also change. Because of this, divorced parents may find it difficult to meet the financial needs of their children. When children are involved in a divorce, it is common for a child support order to be reached. However, these agreements do not always remain in place unchanged and could be subject to review and modification.

According to Sections 15-5-16.7 of the Rhode Island statutes, the review of child support orders can occur for various reasons. First, every three years from when the child support agreement was established or modified, the order will be reviewed, in accordance with the state's guidelines.

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